Every Need Attended To ...

In-house guest services are tailored to your guest’s needs. From gourmet meals to wait staff, personal trainers or massages, we’ve got it covered.

Every guest has different requirements, which is why our in-house services are entirely bespoke. We can cater to all needs and requirements, and understanding guest’s expectations is part of our initial booking process. We want the stay to be perfect.

From personal chefs and wait staff, to cleaning staff, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, massage and beauty therapists, and almost anything in between, we can arrange it.

Everything your guest needs, and nothing they don’t.

  • Personal chef.
  • Professional cleaning and wait staff.
  • Fitness trainers.
  • Yoga and massage therapists.
  • Or none of the above; your guests are free to choose.
In-House Services

There is no reason why privately owned homes cannot offer the best that resort style living has to offer. The added bonus is the complete discretion and privacy. We can make sure that guests enjoy a proper holiday, and that can look however they want it to. They can have services laid on, or be left alone completely. The choice is theirs.
– David Rogers